With #BreitlingSelect, the brand revolutionizes the relationship it builds with its clients. It is the very first time such a subscription service is being offered by an independent watch brand, reflecting Breitling’s commitment to the digital universe and its inclusive approach. It allows customers to enjoy first and decide later which Breitling they truly desire. This new service will be available to customers in the United States from March 9, with other countries to follow shortly. It will be accessible exclusively to customers who register at www.breitling.com.

BreitlingSelect Program

#BreitlingSelect offers subscribers the opportunity to try up to three Breitling watches consecutively within a 12-month period, based on their selection from a dedicated portfolio of watches. They’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of the three watches as part of a special offer. After registering on www.breitling.com and signing a 12-month contract, participants will pay a one-time subscription fee of USD 450 and subsequently make a monthly payment of USD 129. At that point, they’ll be ready to choose their first watch, which will soon be delivered to their home.

BreitlingSelect Price

In the past two years, Breitling has demonstrated its commitment to digital marketing and communication. And with the #BreitlingSelect Subscription Service, Breitling, as the first independent luxury watch brand to roll out this innovative business model directly, remains at the digital forefront of its industry.

Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO, explains #BreitlingSelect within Breitling’s digital leadership: “This program is a natural extension of our ambitious digital strategy, most visible through our thriving e-commerce and our new blockchain-enabled digital passport. Both reset the way we engage with our clients. This is not only a substantial innovation in the watch industry, but also a demonstration of Breitling’s inclusive luxury approach.”

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Breitling’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Antonio Carriero, adds: “Simply expressed, #BreitlingSelect gives the choice to our clients through an exemplary digital experience. Once again, we uniquely leverage our digital properties to bring additional benefits to experiencing Breitling and its iconic watches. Always with the customer at the centre, for a deeper engagement.”

A New Way To Experience The Breitling Universe

When subscribing to #BreitlingSelect, customers will be able to choose their favourite first watch from the #BreitlingSelect collection, including some of the brand’s bestsellers. The watches come from a selected, dedicated assortment of fully refurbished watches to ensure the full experience of Breitling’s high-quality products. Over the subscription period, subscribers will then be able to select two more watches consecutively to wear for a certain period of time.

#BreitlingSelect Watches

When a client decides to purchase one of the Breitling watches from the #BreitlingSelect collection that he or she has had a chance to try, Breitling will make a special purchasing offer reflecting the Squad Points that have been accumulated over the course of the subscription period. It’s the perfect opportunity for a Breitling fan to give a permanent home to a fine wristwatch. The #BreitlingSelect Subscription Service is available online through www.breitling.com at launch but will soon also be available at Breitling Boutiques and at Breitling’s global retail network. People who live in Austria, Germany, France, UK, and Switzerland, the next countries to participate in the #BreitlingSelect Subscription Service, can register to be notified when it is available.

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#BreitlingSelect: Redefining Inclusive Luxury

The new #BreitlingSelect Subscription Service perfectly reflects Breitling’s position as a casual, inclusive alternative to traditional luxury brands. It has been designed to introduce and welcome even more men and women of purpose, action, and style to one of the world’s favourite watch brands.

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