This is a limited model that expresses not only the beauty of the cherry blossoms in full bloom but also the beautifulness of the falling cherry blossoms with the delicate Pikwe by Toshihiko Shiojima and the glitter of diamonds.

Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition
Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition

The petals of the cherry blossoms that fall like spilling are finished with Pikwe using 24K, 18K pink gold and 18K green gold. Delicate and careful manual work, such as fitting metal parts made beautifully and finely according to the pattern carved in the base material and polishing to give brilliance, creates a unique soft light unique to Pikwe and beautifully depicts the falling cherry blossoms

Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition Diamonds Dial
Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition

Sparkle of diamonds

Cherry blossoms at 5 o'clock with diamonds laid out on a platinum pedestal maximize the brightness of the diamonds by minimizing the claws when setting. It is a gem that expresses the beauty of cherry blossoms lively and gorgeously with the setting of Pikwe and diamonds, which require very high technology.

It comes in two sets: a brown satin synthetic leather strap that enhances the beauty of the dial, and a pearl white crocodile strap that adds a gorgeous impression. You can enjoy different expressions according to the attire you wear.

Original Credor Leather Strap
Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition

About Pikwe

This is an advanced special inlaying technique for inserting precious metals into organic base materials such as butterfly shells, ivory and tortoiseshells. It features a unique soft light produced by the base metal and metal, and the shine is increased by engraving the metal surface.

It is said that it was made in France as a gift to the clergy from the end of the 16th century, but the technology disappeared about 100 years ago as the times changed, it is difficult to reproduce, and it is also called a phantom technique Was. Mr. Toshihiko Shiojima succeeded in restoring the Pikwe technique through research on antique Pikwe. Shiojima is still known as the only Pikwe writer in the world.

Credor Ladies Watch
Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition

Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition

Technical sprecifications:

·      Reference: GTAW951

·      Movement: Quartz

·      Caliber No: 4J80

·      Case material: With 18K pink gold diamond

·      Band material: Satin-like leather strap (Brown); 18K pink gold beautiful tablet

·      Glass material: Dual curve sapphire glass (internal anti-reflective coating)

·      Dial: White butterfly shell (white), Pikwe dial (Pikwe pattern part: Platinum 900, 24K, 18K pink gold, 18K green gold)

·      Accuracy: ± 10 seconds per year

·      Dimensions:  Height 28.6 mm, width 23.6 mm, thickness 6.3 mm

·      Other specifications: Crown with blue sapphire (0.04 ct)

·      Replacement strap: Crocodile (pearl white)

·      Waterproof: Waterproof for daily life

·      Magnetic resistance: Yes

·      Weight: 24.0g

·      Diamonds: 45 cts, 0.32 carats

The price for the Credor Lineak Spike Wedial Limited Edition Ref. GTAW951 is 2,200,000 yen + tax or USD $19,825. The watch is limited to 10 pieces and can be purchased only at Credor Salons.

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