The Flieger is made for those with a clear and settled attitude towards life — those brave enough to skip a trend every now and then. For those searching for that one reliable companion. This tool is made for people who want to enjoy it for decades to come — regardless of fashion or status.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Synchroline - Calibrating Unity

Whenever pilots unite to create a formation it is essentially important that all of them are precisely aligned. To help them do so, Fortis designed the Synchroline.

Within a ±5 second range the pilot can now adjust to his teammates.

The Brixtrack - Readability within a split of a second

The new Flieger features strong contrasts — a clean and functional design paired with the robustness of a mechanical tool.

That’s not new. Only better than ever before.

Illuminated BRIX — applied on the circular brushed track — increase the average readability speed. Especially in low-light conditions.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Bezel
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Click. Click. Next. The easiest manual GMT so far

With only 2 stops per hour you can literally fly through the time zones — without even looking at the watch. A durable bezel ball softly reminds you click by click.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Watch Review
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Orange. A function, not merely a color

From flight data recorders all the way to the mighty tiger, orange is never there for style, it is a function.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax SuperLuminova
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

And The Berlac Fluor Orange?

It is bright. Really bright. Combine it with the C5 Flieger Green and you get night vision.

Whether you are camping out in the forest, flying at night or hitting the dance floor, you’ll never lose track of time.

Hint: Hover over the watch to see how particles of the two colors behave when hit by UV light.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Case
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Tough, Tougher, The Flieger Case

A solid brushed stainless-steel case encapsulates and protects the beating heart. Although made for the sky, watches from the Flieger family are water resistant up to 20 Bar (200m | 660 ft).

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Bracelet
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Slide Clasp

The fine-adjustment clasp incorporating a precise slide system allows seamless adaptation of the bracelet to your personal preferences.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Chronograph Pushers
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Chronograph Pushers

Chronograph Pushers

The Bicompax pushers are concave and feature a subtle grid pattern, which provides a better grip and nicer feel.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Dial
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

The Bicompax Dials

Having a chronograph with only a minute counter, indicated by the bright Berlac Fluor Orange, reduces the complexity of the dial which increases the overall reading speed. Let’s be real: if you need to stop hours you`re probably too slow anyway.

Fortis Flieger Watch Collection

The Flieger is one of the most iconic watch families amongst all aviation watches.

First created in 1987 the original Flieger set the tone for all subsequent pilot models. It embodied the design principles that remained to this day and as such became one of the cornerstones within the brand’s collection.

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax Watch Review
Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax

Technical specifications:


·      843.10.11 M - On Block Bracelet

·      843.10.11 L - On Leather Strap


·      Case diameter: 43 mm

·      Water resistance: 200 m / 600 ft / 20 atm

·      Body material: Brushed stainless steel

·      Bezel type: Bi-directional turning 12hr bezel with 24 clicks

·      Glass: Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides

·      Case back: Stainless steel with Ultra-Engraving

Crown & Pushers:

·      Crown type: Screw-in security crown

·      Pushers: Shaped pusher with anti-slip pattern

Dial & Hands:

·      Dial color: Black Opalin

·      Dial pattern: Finely grained base structure

·      Other features: Brixtrack, Synchroline


·      UW-51: Automatic self-winding chronograph movement with unidirectionally winding special rotor

·      Complications: Chronograph, Date

·      Winding: Self-winding

·      Power reserve: 48h


·      Material: Stainless steel or Vegetable tanned genuine cow leather from sustainable production

·      Buckle/Clasp: Stainless steel Slide-Clasp with quick adjustment option

The price for the Fortis Flieger F-43 Bicompax is € 3,800 for the version on block bracelet and € 3,300 for the version on leather strap.

For more information please visit Fortis Watches Online.