Hegid, French Maison of Evolutive Watchmaking, celebrates its first year of existence by unveiling new liveries of its inaugural model on the theme of the Black Series. The Vision watch is now offered in two dark versions: the Black Vision and the Eclipse Vision.

Hegid Black Vision
Hegid Black Vision

The most radical, Black Vision is plunged into darkness with the black meteorite dress of its Diamond-like Carbon treatment, a anti-color that absorbs any light. Only instrumental indications and the eye remain visible and respond to the invariable silver Hegid crown. Elegant, racy, this precision timepiece in ninja dress is perfect for all furtiv actions and other secret missions.

The Eclipse Vision shares the same body of carrure as its twin but is distinguished by the contrast of the light ring of its insert of silver bezel and the stitching on his Mission leather bracelet.

Hegid Vision Eclipse
Hegid Vision Eclipse

The creation of the Hegid Vision watch was influenced by the instruments of aviators. There are departure points, crossing points, objectives, that need to have an eye on. The pilots of yesteryear were the first to place a mobile marker on their timepieces. This dressing complication was quickly adopted by sailors and adventurers of all kinds. A mark that has become a valuable tool forall professionals too busy to watch their hands advance.

Hegid Black Vision Watch Review
Hegid Black Vision

Like the symbol of its bezel’s mark, the Vision is a third eye that indicates the time spent, and allows to move forward in confidence. Inspired by night travel, where temporal information has to be found at a glance, Hegid erases the glossy steel and covers it with matt carbon. Thus, only remain the white, the black, and the eye of the Vision bezel, which marks with its blue light the objective to achieve.

Hegid Capsule

The Inaugural Capsule Series dial presented with the Vision was conceived as an urban version of the navigation watches. The design of indexes take advantage of sobriety for more refinement and with the intention that this first Hegid Capsule can make alliance in harmony with the different Carrures of the catalog, often with very distinct styles.

Hegid Black Vision
Hegid Black Vision

The Black and Eclipse Vision feature Mission bracelets, in black smooth calf leather with black or off-white stitching. These bracelets are produced in French workshops. Perfectly matched with the black Carrures, reflecting elegantly under the lights, they bring the comfort and sophistication necessary to the professionals in night mission.

Hegid Vision Eclipse Watch Review
Hegid Vision Eclipse

With his patented invention, Hegid has developed an exceptionally qualitative mechanical watch, which has the power to visually change according to the desires and needs, in order to never get bored. In seconds and without any tools, the timepiece is transformed with ease and freedom, which results in possibilities previously unknown in watchmaking. The watch is decomposed into three parts:

·       The capsule, the heart of the watch containing its precise mechanical movement, which, once purchased, will accompany the wearer for decades

·       The carrure, the body of the watch which can give a sporty as well as a dressed shape;

·       The bracelet, the dress of the watch which is the stylistic or practical touch.

The New Hegid Black Vision
Hegid Black Vision

Hegid Vision Black Series

Technical specifications:

Inaugural Series Capsule (2400 €):

·       Swiss Made automatic mechanical movement;

·       Power reserve of approximately 40 hours;

·       100 meters depth waterproofness (crown, tube and screwed bottom);

·       Anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass;

·       Embossed dial with luminescent hands and indexes;

·       Quick and easy patented titanium "Capslock" fastener;

·       Unit serial number engraved.

Vision Carrure (500 €):

·       40 mm stainless steel case with matt Diamond-like Carbon treatment case;

·       Bi-directional rotating bezel in black aluminium (Black) or Grey (Eclipse).

Mission Bracelet (200 €):

·       Smooth leather bracelets with black (Black) or Ecrue (Eclipse) stitching;

·       Offered natural rubber bracelet;

·       Pin buckle and "Flash" easy quick fastener.

The price for the Hegid Black Vision and for the Hegid Vision Eclipse is 3,100 €.

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