Right from its first model, the No.01, MeisterSinger took the inspiration for its inimitable way of displaying the time from early church tower clocks and the unadorned technical design of old-style scientific measuring instruments. The historical heritage of the Edition 366 is evident at first glance.

MeisterSinger Edition 366
MeisterSinger Edition 366

The name of the Edition refers to the special fact that 2020, the year it was made, is a leap year, which doesn’t have 365 but 366 days – and to the complexity of the way we measure time. The lengths of our months are irregular and require a leap day (practically) every four years. On our watches, we divide the days into 12 or 24 hours, each consisting of 60 minutes, which are again divided into 60 seconds that we even further divide into tenths if required. However, a single-hand watch can easily help avoid this dilemma, as it shows the complicated time in a very straightforward way with great precision and beauty.

MeisterSinger Edition 366 Dial
MeisterSinger Edition 366

Three-color minute scale

With its delicate script on an opaline white dial, the MeisterSinger Edition 366 is reminiscent of elegant French pocket watches from the early 19th century. The elaborately divided minute scale is even more important than the discreet hour numerals. The full and the quarter hours are marked red, the half hours blue, which makes it easier to keep track of time and shows the time in advance, according to human measure, i.e., it is nearly a quarter past. The colored markings do not make the watch appear in the least gaudy, but they do give the dial a bright rather than a colorless look.

The exact subdivision and the unusually long 25-millimeter, arrow-shaped hand fitted with counterweights also emphasize the watch’s commitment to scientific systematics and precision. Even 200 years ago, timepieces such as these were an expression of sophistication, refined taste, and scientific interest.

MeisterSinger Edition 366 Watch Review
MeisterSinger Edition 366

Limited edition

The Swiss-made, hand-wound movement of the MeisterSinger Edition 366, the Unitas 6498-1, also epitomizes watchmaking tradition. It can be viewed through the exhibition glass back, with the ribbed finish on the plates, blued screws, ruby bearings, and the large balance, which begins to oscillate after a few turns of the crown. And like its great predecessors, this timepiece will remain a rarity, as no more than 100 individually numbered Edition 366 watches will be made. Apart from the number, the name of the edition is engraved on the back of the case, reminding its owner of the year it was purchased.

The Edition 366 has a stainless steel case 43 mm in diameter and comes with a brown calf leather strap with crocodile grain. It will go on sale in May.

MeisterSinger Edition 366

Technical specifications:

·       Model: Edition 366

·       Movement: Unitas 6468-1, hand-wound

·       Diameter: 43 mm

·       Power reserve: 46 hours

·       Case: Stainless steel, 4-screwed exhibition back, sapphire glass, water resistant up to 5 bar

·       Wrist: Brown calf leather strap with crocodile grain

·       Limited edition: 100 pieces

The price for the MeisterSinger Edition 366 is 2,190 Euro.

For more information please visit MeisterSinger Online.