Ressence, the watch company that keeps challenging the status quo of mechanical watchmaking, is excited to announce the release of the new Type 2, the first mechanical wrist watch with a smart crown, the e-Crown.

Ressence Type 2
Ressence Type 2

The genesis of the Type 2 starts with the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), the unique in- house developed (and patented) horological unit featuring an ever-changing dial that continually orbit around one another. The purpose is a more efficient way of telling time. Information is displayed on a single surface, much like words on a piece of paper, making for improved readability. This differs than that of a traditional watch, where the hands and dial are layered on one another producing an uneven viewing plane.

Ressence Type 2
Ressence Type 2

Building on the foundation of the ROCS, the next step for Ressence in the innovation of the wrist watch is the creation of the smart e-Crown, featured on the Type 2. For over the past century and a half, the watch’s crown was the primary mechanism to wind and set the time. This was revolutionary during its day, however in order to move watchmaking into the 21st century, a new idea was needed and e-Crown was born. The development of the e-Crown came down to one simple but fundamental question: What if I could trust and rely on my mechanical watch as much as I do for my phone.

Ressence E-Crown Cluster
E-Crown Cluster

E-Crown automatically sets and adjusts the Type 2 to the right time when needed. Driven by user experience, it combines the reliability of electronics with the emotion and beauty of mechanical engineering. Since the quartz revolution in the 1970’s, the Fine Watchmaking industry has seen electronics as a threat, but Ressence’s patented smart crown technology offers a new dimension to Fine Watchmaking and embraces the digital native generation.

Ressence E-Cown Shutters
E-Crown Shutters

E-Crown is activated and controlled by tapping the crystal on the dial of the Type 2, offering a new tactile experience and user-friendliness to mechanical watches. Visually, it is represented on the dial by the selector sub disc and its four modes (time zone 1, time zone 2, app and e-Crown off). The Type 2 uses light energy to power the e-Crown. Photovoltaic cells (some hidden behind 10 micro-shutters on the dial) will use outside light as an energy source making the watch self- sufficient; a fundamental quality in the nomadic world of today.

Ressence Type 2 Watch Review
Ressence Type 2

The Type 2 is manually set via the lever on its case back. By double tapping the crystal, the manually set time is digitally registered by e-Crown. There is no need to think about checking and adjusting the watch anymore, e-Crown does it automatically. Even after three months of inactivity, once the watch is fastened to the wrist and the wearer taps the crystal, e-Crown will automatically set it to the right time.

Ressence E-Crown App
E-Crown App

Ressence’s pursuit to improve the mechanical watch is uniquely its own and the Type 2 is a perfect example of the brand’s determination to build products that question what a wrist watch can be in the 21st century. The emphasis is not primarily on timing precision but to create a better product as a whole - considering such characteristics as legibility, usability, and user experience. Ressence’s "less is more" philosophy produces timeless watches and improved functionality while always adding a playful and magical experience to them.

Ressence Type 2
Ressence Type 2

Ressence Type 2

Technical Specifications:


• Hours

• Minutes

• Seconds

E-Crown Functions

• Second time zone

• Mechanical power saver

• Self-setting

• Time monitoring


• Patented ROCS 2 - Ressence Orbital Convex System - driven by the minute axle of a specially customised 2892/A caliber

• Caseback winding and time setting via lever

• Self-winding

• 36 hours power reserve

• 28,800 vibrations per hour

• 45 jewels

• 37 gears


• 87 components

• 1,8 joules of energy per day

• Four-layered 0,25mm thick flexible custom-built PCB


• Convex grade 5 titanium anthracite pvd coating dial (75mm diameter) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 9.75° (hours) and 17° (seconds and e-Crown selector) on jewel micro-ball bearings (gaps between discs are 35 microns)

• Custom made photovoltaic cells under 10 micro-shutters

• Engraved indications filled with grade A Superluminova


• Grade 5 Titanium with anthracite pvd coating

• Double domed sapphire crystal with both sides anti-reflective coating

• 45 mm (diameter) x 12 mm (thickness)

• 1 ATM water-resistance

Buckle & Strap

• Ardillon buckle

• Strap (22/20mm)

Total Components

• 479


• 52 grams

Prices e-Crown Collection with custom made light charger

• Ressence Type 2A – Anthracite dial – CHF 42’500 (taxes excluded)

• Ressence Type 2G – Grey dial – CHF 42’500 (taxes excluded)

For more information visit Ressence Online.