• Reinterpretation of the RM 033 introduced in 2011

• First round automatic watch in Carbon TPT

• Limited edition of 140 timepieces

Richard Mille RM 033 and RM 33-02 Automatic
Richard Mille RM 033 and RM 33-02 Automatic

By marrying the performance of a sports watch with the elegance of a round timepiece, Richard Mille has successfully merged two diametrically opposing characteristics. Overseen by Julien Boillat, the Richard Mille watch exteriors teams have reinterpreted the collection’s first ultra-thin round watch: the RM 033, which was introduced in 2011.

Julien Boillat - Richard Mille
Julien Boillat - Richard Mille

We believe it is both essential and logical to pay the same care and attention to evolving our collections as to the original creation of our models. In embodying the brand’s intended vision of extreme versatility, the RM 033 is a watch for everyday and any day. We have reinterpreted its aesthetics without disservice to the original version by accentuating its lines. Meanwhile, the exterior decoration, case and dial have been reworked to project a sportier vibe. The RM 33-02 thus achieves a delicate synthesis of so-called “lifestyle” style and sporty style,” shares Julien Boillat.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

The taut lines of the case combine the curves of a tonneau shape and the elegance of a round form with a subtle allusion to sporty style in the design of the hollows. This first round Carbon TPT automatic watch exhibits a Carbon TPT bezel and caseback alongside a satin-finished red gold caseband.

Expensive Watches Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

The design of the strap prolongs that of the two indentations positioned unusually at 6 and 12 o’clock in a highly original way. These new vanishing lines also contribute to the dynamics of this already extremely bold case.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Watch Movement
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

The sporty, round, ultra-thin RM 33-02 timepiece is powered by the skeletonised RMXP1 calibre in grade-5 titanium. Regulated by a variable-inertia balance oscillating at 3 Hz, this calibre is wound by an off-centre platinum micro-rotor that considerably reduces the movement’s total thickness to 2.60 mm.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Specifications
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

Yet this thinness in no way inhibits the architectural expression intrinsic to the brand. The wet sandblasted and Titalyt-treated baseplate, the microblasted, stretched and satin-finished surfaces, and the anglage—all produced entirely by hand—accentuate volumes by playing with shadow and light thanks to the highly graphic skeletonisation.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Watch Review
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

The exterior elements and hour-markers further add to this complex sense of depth and power. In 5N gold hour-markers on two rigid titanium rails fixed between the flange and the movement.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Dial
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Dial

The dial, which spans the entire calibre, accentuates the volumes while the typography of the oversized numerals adds a dynamic element to the watch’s easy readability.

Richard Mille Service Watch
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

By juxtaposing soft gold with strength Carbon TPT, and by combining the graphic codes of the lifestyle and sports spheres for both male and female, Richard Mille clearly communicates a desire to combine allegedly contradictory worlds within a single watch. The Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic is available as a limited edition of 140 timepieces.

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic Watch Review
Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic

Technical specifications:

Main Features:

•       Limited edition of 140 pieces in Carbon TPT and red gold

•       Calibre RMXP1

•       Skeletonised automatic-winding movement

•       Case diameter: 41.70 x 8.80 mm

•       Power reserve: Circa 45 hours (+ 10 %)

•       Baseplate and bridges in grade 5 titanium

•       Free-sprung balance with variable inertia

•       Monoblock micro-rotor

•       Spline screws in grade 5 titanium for the case and bridges

•       Flanges crafted of 5N PVD treated titanium

Other Features:

•      Movement diameter: 33.00 mm

•      Thickness: 2.60 mm

•      Number of jewels: 29

•      Barrel arbour: AP 20 steel

•      Balance: Glucydur, 4 arms, moment of inertia 5.75 mg•cm2, angle of lift 53°

•      Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)

•      Balance spring: Nivaflex

•      Shock protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)

•      Escapement wheel jewels: Rubi x (transparent)

•      Two-position stem: Manual winding, hand setting



•      Baseplate in hand-ground grade 5 titanium, wet sandblasted, Titalyt treated

•      Bridges wet sandblasted, top surface polished by hand, grade 5 titanium PVD treated

•      Locking sections hand polished

•      Burnished pivots

•      Diamond-polished sinks on the bridge side

•      Pinions with undercuts

Steel parts:

•      Microblasted and hand-drawn surfaces

•      Sapphire-blasted surfaces

•      Anglage and polishing by hand


•      Rhodium plating (before cutting the teeth)

•      Minimal corrections applied to the wheels in order to preserve geometry and performance


•     The design and execution of the watch demonstrate a holistic approach to conception of the movement, case and dial. As a result, everything has been constructed according to extremely rigorous specifications.

•     The front and back bezels are made of Carbon TPT, a remarkable material with a unique finish obtained by layering hundreds of sheets of carbon fibres using an automated process that changes the orientation of the weft between layers.

•     Heated to 120 °C in an autoclave similar to those used for aeronautic components, the material is then ready to be machined at Richard Mille. During this phase, the many layers of Carbon TPT are revealed, creating random patterns that make each piece unique.

•     The caseband is in 5N red gold. The tripartite case is assembled with 14 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel, further complemented by integration of the lugs into the case’s torque screw system.

•     The tripartite case is water resistant to 30 metres, ensured by 2 Nitrile O-ring seals.

The price for the Richard Mille RM 33-02 Automatic is 151,000 CHF TTC/ 148,500 EUR TTC.

For more information please visit Richard Mille Online.