Swatch has chosen its new Flymagic line to premiere the innovative paramagnetic Nivachron hairspring. In a typical Swatch move, Flymagic turns the watch world upside down (once again!): the new balance spring, finely finished modules and skeletonized gear train all appear on the face of the watch – easily visible through the automatic movement’s transparent rotor. This is high-end watchmaking with a revolutionary twist, and the first time such a reversal has been performed with a Swatch. There’s another Swatch first here, too – the seconds hand runs backwards!

Swatch Flymagic
Swatch Flymagic

Swatch Flymagic is the first to integrate the Nivachron balance spring, made from a newly developed titanium-based alloy with exceptional paramagnetic characteristics. Magnetic fields in our everyday environment can have a marked negative impact on mechanical watch movements. The Nivachron balance spring reduces the detrimental influence of a magnetic field by a factor over 10, depending on the type of movement. This 100% Swiss-made component also offers effective resistance to changes in temperature and excellent shock resistance, contributing to a significant improvement in chronometric performance. In the future, all Sistem51 models will feature the Nivachron hairspring.

The New Swatch Flymagic
Swatch Flymagic

Swatch Flymagic debuts with three models, each limited to 500 pieces. 45 mm cases in stainless steel or stainless steel PVD showcase the fascinating, topsy-turvy movement through an antireflective sapphire crystal. All models come with one rubber and two high-end calfskin straps.

Swatch Flymagic Watch Review
Swatch Flymagic

Swatch Flymagic

Technical specifications:

Limited Edition

·       3 models, limited to 500 pieces each and numbered

·       Numbering of watch on ring in the centre of the movement

·       100% Swiss made


·       Reversed movement, based on SISTEM 51 plus 15 additional components

·       Automatic movement with transparent oscillating weight on dial side

·       Featuring the Nivachron balance spring, resistant to magnetic fields: a new titanium-based balance spring material. Reduces the effect of magnetic fields by a factor of up to 20, resistant to shocks, ageing and temperature variations

·       Small second hand rotating counter clockwise Skeleton barrel

·       19 jewels

·       90 hours power reserve

·       5 patents pending

·       Ø45 mm, height 5,8mm


Stainless steel case, one out of three models with PVD treatment Sapphire crystal glass


Each watch coming with rubber strap and two calf leather straps

Swatch Flymagic Sistem 51
Swatch Flymagic

The price for the Swatch Flymagic is CHF 1,500.

For more information visit Swatch Online.