The new Junghans Meister MEGA is a masterpiece of style and precision.

An expressive design, an intelligent radio-controlled manufacture movement and over 150 years of experience in watchmaking. These three components form the foundation for the latest development from Junghans: the Meister MEGA. A watch created by the designers in Schramberg, with a movement developed by the company’s in-house engineers. The design follows the tradition of the Meister line. A balanced dial with harmonious proportions bears witness to the elegant style of the timepiece. The continents depicted on the watch are an indication that the Meister MEGA is at home in the world.

Junghans Meister Mega
Junghans Meister Mega


The new J101 radio-controlled movement of the Meister MEGA guarantees absolute precision everywhere. The basis for this is four years of development work and the radio control technology know-how acquired over the course of over three decades. The movement as a whole comprises a total of 146 components, which are tested to the strictest precision criteria. For example, the plate is tested at 1,462 measuring points to an accuracy of 5 micrometres. This accuracy in production is also reflected in the accuracy of the watch.

The New Junghans Meister Mega
Junghans Meister Mega


On three continents the time is received via a time signal with a deviation of just 0.006 seconds in one million years. If the watch is outside of the reception range, it continues to run au- tomatically with the accuracy of an especially precise quartz movement - with a maximum time deviation of 8 seconds a year. Junghans’ know-how is evident above all in the technology, developed in Schramberg, that provides for the convenient handling of the Meister MEGA. The ITC technology (Intelligent Time Correction) ensures that the position of the second hand is compared with the most recently received time information 1,440 times per day - and adjusted when necessary. 

German Watch Brand
Junghans Meister Mega


Even greater accuracy comes from the SHM technology (Smart Hand Motion), which ensures that the watch is even more precise, thanks to the half-second steps of the second hand. In addition, the movement of second and minute hands and the changing of the date are triggered a fraction of a second before the time change – for the most accurate display of the actual time. The wearer can rely on correct date changing at all times, as the display also shifts automatically from the last day of the month to the 1st day of the following month when the watch is in quartz mode, or when there are 30 or fewer days in the month.

Junghans Meister Mega Radio Controlled
Junghans Meister Mega

The Meister MEGA from Junghans is not just precise, it is also convenient to operate. Time synchronisation of the movement takes place automatically every day. When travelling to another time zone, the time can be adjusted via the crown, either in hourly steps or by using the stored time zones - without losing the precision of the seconds. In addition, wearers also have the option of setting the watch to their individual time when outside of the reception areas, using the Junghans MEGA App.

The Meister MEGA from Junghans – a timepiece that combines style and precision worldwide.

Junghans Movement


Technical specification of the movement J101.65:

Type: Multi-frequency radio-controlled movement 

Reception range: DCF77, MSF, JJY40, JJY60, WWVB

Frequency: 32.768 Hz

Power: 3 motors

Diameter: 28.0 mm

Height: 3.85 mm

Jewels: 6

Display: Hour, minute, central second, date

Date shift: Direct drive forwards and backwards; Real time display without deviation via Advanced Moving; Function technology (AMF)

Hand movement Hand shift: Forwards and backwards; Exact time display in half-second steps via Smart Hand Motion technology (SHM); Real time display without deviation via Advanced Moving Function technology (AMF)

Battery: CR1025 (3V) battery

Battery lifetime: 2 years

Rating deviation: In radio-controlled mode, max. rating deviation 0.02 seconds; In quartz mode +/- 8 seconds/year



Time zones: Convenient setting of all current time zones via crown

Radio reception: Automatic and manual time signal synchronisation

Hand position control: Intelligent Time Correction (ITC); The patented light barrier system compares the position of the second hand 1,440 times per day with the time information last received. In addition, the position of hour and minute hands is compared daily, the position of the date once a month. A correction occurs when required.

Autoscan: Patented, automatic search of time signal transmitters DCF77, MSF, JJY40, JJY60, WWVB

Calendar: Perpetual calendar, even in quartz mode, until the year 2400

Function without radio reception: Same scope of function on the basis of a highly-precise quartz movement with perpetual calendar

Energy saving mode: Sleep mode

Operating function: Low battery display

Junghans Meister Mega Watch Review
Junghans Meister Mega


Junghans Meister Mega

Technical specifications: 


Movement: J101.65 multi-frequency radio-controlled movement


·       Hands position control via ITC (Intelligent Time Correction) 

·       Exact time display in half-second steps via SHM (Smart Hand Motion)

·       The Advanced Moving Function (AMF) enables the display of the actual time without deviation

·       Smart time setting via the Junghans MEGA App (October 2018)

·       Automatic search of time signal transmitter across 5 frequencies with the patented Junghans autoscan Time zone setting precise to the second Date display with perpetual calendar (also in quartz mode)

Case: Stainless steel Ø 38.4 mm, height 9.6 mm, 5-times screwed stainless steel back with tinted mineral crystal, domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on both sides

Dial: Anthracite with sunray brush; The dial features a world map and reception instructions

Hands: Hands with environmentally-friendly Superluminova luminous substance

Strap: Stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp

Water resistance: Up to 5 bar


The price for the new Junghans Meister Mega is $1,290 for the one with the bracelet, sapphire crystal, map on the dial, and transparent caseback. The PVD gold version is also $1,290 and for the other models the price is $1,190.

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