On World Ocean Day, celebrated on June 8th every year, Ulysse Nardin is proud to announce its partnership with The Explorers, a French initiative with global ambitions. The Explorers brings a new approach to educating and raising awareness of our planet. This very first collaborative global media platform is present in 170 countries and is in the process of compiling an inventory of the Earth's heritage in 17 languages. The goal is complex and dynamic: raising awareness of the planet's wealth, beauty and fragility.

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Ulysse Nardin Becomes The Official Timekeeper Of “The Explorers”, The “Earth Inventory”

As part of the Kering group, Ulysse Nardin has an ambitious roadmap to reduce our environmental footprint by 2025. We have fully integrated this target in our corporate and business strategy”, says Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. “Protecting our planet is part of our top priorities and we will make every effort we can to support those who nobly endeavor to achieve the same goal.”

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Ulysse Nardin Becomes The Official Timekeeper Of “The Explorers”, The “Earth Inventory”

The surface of the Earth is similar to the human body: 70% water and 30% solid mass. I want to perform a visual check-up of the planet just as I performed medical check-ups on my patients. The Explorers will create a new inventory - an archive of the world’s natural diversity whose main strength lies in the emotion generated by its beauty.” Says Olivier Chiabodo, co-founder of The Explorers.

Ulysse Nardin Becomes The Official Timekeeper Of “The Explorers”, The “Earth Inventory”
Ulysse Nardin Becomes The Official Timekeeper Of “The Explorers”, The “Earth Inventory”

The Explorers’ Foundation, founded by Olivier Chiabodo and Jean-Pierre Morel, counts six specific preservation programs already supported by the initiative: lemurs in Madagascar, turtles in Polynesia, red macaws in Honduras, radiated tortoises in Madagascar, crocodiles in Jamaica and humpback whales in Polynesia. The team includes scientists, filmmakers, cameramen, reporters, photographers, artists, designers, pilots, technicians, editors, musicians, programmers and community managers.

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Ben Thouard, Power And Poetry Of The Elements

In 2019, Ben Thouard joined the family of Ulysse Nardin’s explorers. Connected more than ever to the elements, the ocean and nature, Ben’s photographic work is captivating. He produces images, emotions and stunning graphic compositions. Ulysse Nardin, which proudly encourages Ben’s work, is happy to partner with an organization that already values Ben’s talent.

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I’m more than proud to be part of the explorers’ community, and also to be one of contributors to The Explorers while carrying the flag for Ulysse Nardin. I feel like Ulysses; reporter, explorer, documentarian and journalist all in one. I am proud to give my soul in order to aliment our Earth’s inventory with my photos”, says Thouard.

Diving With Sharks

As the expeditions take place, subscribers can discover documentary films that highlight the undisputed beauty of the Earth as well as the lives of local people. The team of The Explorers has designed a groundbreaking app to support the community of adventurers, scientists and artists. They all work together toward the common goal of creating a comprehensive visual inventory of the natural world, illustrated through photos and videos. The Explorers+ is an introductory offer available for a fee of €2.99 per month that gives users unlimited, free access and does not contain any advertising.

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