Out-of-the-box, out of competition and out of this world as befits any Urwerk creation, the new EMC Time Hunter features an unprecedented surface finishing ensuring an amazing result: a military beige chronometer teamed with a camouflage canvas strap that earns it the nickname Desert Sage. This watch is a fighter, a tough nut to crack. Its shell withstands the test of time thanks to a ceramic-type lacquer treatment.

The New Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

The latter, beyond its protective properties, beautifully enhances the finely grained surface of the micro-beadblasted steel. Urwerk's most “chronometric” collection thus returns to the forefront and takes its place in military-style territory, complete with a technical vocabulary and urban grammar.

Style serving function

The Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage belongs to the UR-Chronometry family, which encompasses Urwerk watchmaking concepts dedicated to outstanding precision. They indeed offer the unique possibility of measuring and adjusting the rate of their movement.

The Most expensive watch in the world Urwerk
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

An Urwerk EMC Time Hunter is essentially a dual measuring instrument. Like a compass, a sextant, a machine tool, its appearance and even its surface all signal its nature. The Urwerk EMC Desert Sage is crafted from steel and its caseback from titanium. Its aesthetic is not round, square or cushion-like, nor indeed any of Urwerk’s signature indefinable shapes. This hyper-technical "machine" hugs the contours of the ‘motor’ inside and submits to the constraints of its various organs. It is not symmetrical, regular, flat or curved, yet remains aesthetically pleasing and distinctive. EMC's design obeys its function, transcending existing rules to create a unique personality.

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage Hands On
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

Moreover, its stainless steel ‘hood’ is micro-bead blasted and then given a hard, matt ceramic lacquer-type treatment. As a result, the surface of the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage has a grainy finish reminiscent of military equipment.


The same functionalism reigns supreme on the dial with its matt black surfaces. Each indication zone has its own clearly marked space. Each unit is painted with fluorescent green Super-LumiNova, a neon-type colour frequently used by Urwerk due to its perfect contrasts. In addition to the main dial with its chequered hand grenade pattern, which displays the hours and minutes, the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter features a small disc-type seconds hand at 1 o’clock, graduated in five-second increments and located at 1 o'clock. It is complemented by a power-reserve indicator at 7 o'clock, which provides information on the state-of-wind of the hand-wound movement offering a maximum 80 hours of autonomy.

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage Watch Review
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

The indications linked to the chronometric (precision timekeeping) monitoring function are concentrated at 11 o'clock and indicated by the "EM Control" marking on the screw-down bezel. The rate accuracy is graduated from -15 to +15, using seconds as the measurement unit for the daily rate deviation. The amplitude ranges from 180 to 330, measured in degrees.

The Most accurate watch in the world
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

Heart and brain

At the very heart of the EMC concept lies a hybrid electronic/mechanical system that makes each of these timepieces totally one-of-a-kind, bestriding two worlds. It is an entirely mechanical watch, optimised with the help of an electro-optical circuit. On the one hand, its hand-wound movement stems from the mind and hands of Urwerk. Designed exclusively for the EMC collections, the UR-EMC2 calibre is entirely crafted, finished, assembled and adjusted by Urwerk.

Men Watches Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

On the other hand, it incorporates an electronic module whose function is to measure the rate of the mechanical part. It has its own power source, separate from the rest of the movement. Positioned on the side of the case, a large retractable lever raises a dynamo which feeds the control micro-circuit. Thanks to its laser diode, it is able to collect two essential data relating to the movement. Pointing towards the balance, it reads its amplitude (an indicator of the movement’s state of health) and the rate deviation (which is an indicator of accuracy), while comparing them to an internal clock. The latter takes the form of a processor operating at a frequency of 16 MHz and serves as a reference oscillator, i.e. a benchmark.

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Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

On one side, the “engine”; and on the other, the control unit. Yet these two entities are not sealed off from each other, quite the contrary. They are integrated, nested and Urwerk has created a means of access to both that makes EMC Time Hunter the world’s only truly wearer-adjustable watch. A timing adjustment screw makes it possible to manually fine-tune the oscillation speed of the balance and thus to correct the variations in rate that inevitably appear over time and are intimately dependent on the use made of the watch by its wearer. This corrector is located on the back of the watch and is duly indicated by the engraving "Fine Tuning". It manages the behaviour of the movement at its very heart, by modifying the length of the regulating balance-spring.

Urwerk Watch Review
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

Aesthetic power

More than just timepieces for precision watchmaking fanatics, more than just interactive objects, more than hybrids combining the best of mechanical watchmaking with the possibilities afforded by microelectronics, Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage watches are truly living timepieces. While they were admittedly born within the Urwerk circle of horology and design geeks, the purely scientific approach gives rise above all else to truly inimitable watches. Ultra-legible, razor-sharp and hyper-urban, each one transcends its functionalities to enter the realm of pure style.

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage Watch Review
Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage

Technical specifications:


·       Material: Ceramic-lacquered grade 5 titanium and stainless steel

·       Dimensions: Width 43 mm; length: 51 mm; thickness: 15,8 mm

·       Glass and case-back: Transparent sapphire crystal

·       Water resistance: Pressured tested to 30 m/3 ATM

·       Finishes: Satin-brushed; micro-beadblasted  


·       Calibre: Calibre UR-EMC2, designed, developed and produced by Urwerk

·       Escapement: Swiss lever escapement

·       Balance: ARCAP P40; exclusive design; coupled with the optical sensor

·       Frequency: 28 800 vph - 4 Hz

·       Balance-spring: Plat

·       Energy source:  Series-coupled twin vertical barrels

·       Power reserve: 80 hours

·       Winding: Manual winding

·       Finishes: Côtes de Genève motif; snailing; micro-sandblasting; bevelled screw heads

EMC TimeHunter

·       Generator: Maxon hand-wound generator charging the accumulator  

·       Control organ:   Optical sensor controlled by an integrated circuit; reference oscillator operating at a frequency of 16 MHz

Indications: Hours, minutes, rate deviation, amplitude and chronometric performance indicator δ, power reserve, fine tuning screw.

The price for the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage is CHF 115,000 (Swiss francs / tax not included) and is limited edition to 5 pieces.

For more information please visit Urwerk Online.